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Weight Loss Products


Soza Ultra: Soza Ultra spray for weight loss and hunger control is an ALL-NATURAL proprietary formula and was created to help support the body’s ability to achieve maximum weight loss.  Ultra is an oral sublingual spray which serves as the fundamental basis of our weight loss plan and has assist many to lose weight.  Each ingredient is FDA registered, known to help support weight-loss and have been time tested.  In over 200 years of clinical use, none of the ingredients in Soza Ultra have caused any harmful effects.  Soza Ultra functions by providing glandular support of the endocrine system; specifically what we refer to as the P.H.A.T.  (Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Adrenal and Thyroid). By supporting endocrine system, Soza Ultra curbs appetite, balances hunger and boosts the basal metabolic rate required for rapid weight loss*.

Soza Pure: Is a water based formulary with the same weight loss and hunger control provided by Soza Ultra.  Soza Pure is designed for those unable to tolerate alcohol based products for health or religious purposes.  Soza Pure is also recommended for adolescences on the Soza Plan.

Soza B12 Sublingual:  Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. It has also shown to support the immune system and assists in maximizing weight-loss*.

Soza PeakPeak is a synergistic blend of ingredients containing herbs and botanicals to assist in controlling appetite and cravings*. It boasts natural caffeine in the form of dark cocoa beans (Chocamine) to provide a thermogenic effect, as well as providing extra energy to get you through your day. (Soza Peak is part of the Ultra Program and can be substituted for patients that are caffeine sensitive).

Soza Peak Advantage: Thermogenic, ephedra free weight loss and appetite suppressant and mood support formulated with Garcinia Cambogia. Called “the most existing breakthrough in natural weight loss” by Dr OZ.  Garcinia Cambogia Extract, also known as HCA, comes from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit found mainly in the tropics surrounding the Pacific Ocean. The fruit is a small, yellow, pumpkin-shaped tamarind.  Garcinia Cambogia has shown to increase serotonin levels which act as a neurotransmitter and hormone that controls many functions, including prevention of huger cravings and emotional eating habitsCarcinia Cambogia has also been found to slow down production of an enzyme called citrate lyase, which turns unused carbohydrates into fat*.

Soza Adrenal Energy Support*:  (may help with stress, anxiety and weight loss) Glandular based adrenal product, offering comprehensive support for overall adrenal and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function*.  Maintaining ideal levels of cortisol, referred to as the “stress hormone” is critical to health.  The adrenals secrete this hormone is response to stress. Higher than normal levels of stress for prolonged periods of time, as seen with chronic stress, have a negative effect on the body.  For example, cortisol increases serum blood glucose and insulin levels, inducing dysglycemia (unhealthy blood sugars) and layering the foundation for metabolic syndrome.  Over time, elevated cortisol levels have detrimental repercussions on adrenal glands causing them to “burn out” so that they no longer scan produce sufficient quantities of cortisol for the body to handle stress.  The combination of ingredients in this complex can work synergistically to promote proper homeostasis of serum cortisol, support adrenal cortical health and replete common nutritional deficiencies that can result from chronic stress. Soza Adrenal Energy Support during exposure to chronic stress may reduce side effects such as anxiety and weight gain in the mid-section.

Soza Aloe Lax Pro: (may help with constipation) Is a safe, natural, non-addictive, nonirritating laxative formulated to assist in cleansing of the bowels. Soza Aloe Lax Pro stimulates the colon by way of peristalsis, a natural wave-like contraction.  This is unlike harsh chemicals that have an irritating effect and may affect you at an inopportune time.  Having a regular bowel movement is essential to properly eliminate waste and toxins*.

Soza Aloe Cleanse: NON-Laxative Aloe based product for relief  of symptoms associated with chronic gastrointestinal issues such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, gastrointestinal reflux, Irritable bowel syndrome or bloating*.  Soza Aloe Cleanse may help relieve gastrointestinal pain and discomfort aiding in immunity and overall health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Soza Greens:  (fruit and vegetable supplement) A lemon-lime flavored alternative supplement for those who dislike or lack fruits and vegetables in their diet.  An estimated 77% of Americans are not getting the recommended 2-4 servings of fruits and 59% are not getting the recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables.  Great tasting Soza Greens is meticulously cultivated and grown by certified organic farmers to ensure optimal preservation of enzymes and beneficial phytonutrients. Lacking phytonutrients and minerals in American Diets which are provided by Soza Greens are needed to prevent the increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease (stroke, hypertension), osteoporosis, immune system deregulation and various degenerative disease manifestations like neurological/eye disorders kidney impairment*.

Soza Boost: (provides energy for exercise) Is specially formulated to may help increase energy and burn calories for patients on training and weight lifting programs*. In addition to more than 200mg of natural Caffeine per capsule from Guarana, Cha de Bugre, and Caffeine Anhydrous, Boost also contains Hoodia Cactus which is renowned for its effects on the appetite. Chromium Picolinate (Chromax) and Banaba Extract make up part of the Boost formula for their benefits that may help to regulate blood sugar which, in turn, can play a part in reducing food cravings. Green Tea and one of its natural constituents, L-Theanine, are present to help increase calorie burning.  Also included is Maca Extract which is also thought to act as a mild natural stimulant and Magnolia Bark Extract for its possible effects in helping to lower Cortisol levels which can lead to increased fat burning.

Soza Energy: (provides energy and aids in weight loss) Is specially formulated to increase energy stores for patients who aren’t as active yet still require more support to get them through the day and burn fat*.  Contains pure green coffee bean extract, which are beans rich in a compound called Chlorogenic Acid. Independent studies have found that chlorogenic acid boosts our metabolism by preventing the release of glucose into the blood stream. Glucose is used by the body more immediately and this efficiency decreases glucose absorption. An increase in the metabolism of stored fat reserves is a by-product of this reduced glucose availability. In time this results in weight loss – decreased body fat and mass.  Green Tea and one of its natural constituents, L-Theanine, are present to assist in increase calorie burning. African Mango burns fat and reduces fat formation while helping to control hunger and appetite. African Mango also slows carbohydrate absorption after a meal.

Soza DHEA Support(provides anti-aging properties, energy, weight loss support, builds immune system and increases vitality)  DHEA is a fat soluble, steroid hormone, which is synthesized in the body mostly in the adrenal glands*. Conditions which may lower DHEA production are excessive mental or physical stress, alcohol consumption, dieting, malnutrition and vegetarian diets.  Research shows DHEA may support weigh control by stimulating fat burning, reducing abdominal fat storage, reduces the stress, enhances female libido, supports skin health by increasing epidermal thickness and hydration, improves immune response to infections and reverses its age related decline, improves the sense of well-being and  reduces certain types of depression and reduces hot flashes associated with menopause.

Soza Mood(may help with mood, stress and sleep) Is a combination of specific ingredients intended to help enhance mood, reduce stress and improve sleep.  Included in the formula are: SAMe for its benefits in the support of mood and emotional well-being* DMAE which helps with alertness and its positive influence on the mood. GABA for its relaxing and anti-anxiety properties. Chamomile Concentrate to help reduce stress and improve sleep. Ashwagandha which is thought to have natural sedative properties. 5-HTP to help improve sleep and for its possible benefits in fighting depression. B-Complex Vitamins including B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, Folic Acid and Niacinamide for their many benefits in fighting stress and irritability while helping to promote a positive mood. Calcium and Magnesium are included for their benefits in helping prevent mood swings and depression along with calming the body.

Soza MultiVit Complete:  Applies the latest nutritional science and contains essential nutrients to bring you a complete multivitamin that may help you stay healthy. Supports immune system defenses with a balance of essential antioxidants like vitamin C and selenium*. May help support energy production with B-vitamins. Maintains strong bones with the balanced combination of vitamin D and calcium. Supports proper muscle and nerve function with magnesium and vitamin D.

Soza FemBalance: (may reduce PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms)*  FemBalance is a Complex of vitamins, minerals and herbs which aids in the endocrine system in balancing female hormones.   Promotes favorable and safe conversion of estrogen while detoxifying and eliminating excess hormones.  Provides antioxidant and potentially cancer preventative effects.

Soza LibidoStim-F(promotes female sexual desire)* Complex formulary blend of nutraceutical and herbal ingredients which safely promote female sexual desire and pleasure.

Soza LibidoStim-M: (promotes male sexual desire)* Features AlivEL 100, a highly potent, highly effective standardized extract of the herb Eurycoma longiflia, which boasts a variety of published clinical trial touting its effectiveness to help maintain normal testosterone which are important for supporting sexual desire and fertility as well as mood and energy.

Soza Lipo*: (fat burner and may help with cravings) Comprehensive endocrine-balancing formula which focuses on healthy insulin, leptin, and cortisol function in order to support safe fat metabolism and maintenance of lean body mass. The addition of ForsLean, Garcinia cambogia and EGCg may also help to maintain and improve lean body mass and support basal metabolic rate. This unique array of nutrients and botanicals is also useful for controlling food cravings and helping the body’s natural management of blood sugar levels.

Soza LV-GB: (may support liver and gallbladder function)* This complex functions by aiding in the elimination of fatty substances from the liver, as well as supporting proper bile flow.  Patients who should take LV-GB Complex are those without a gallbladder, patients needing to improve liver or gallbladder function, those with inability to handle fatty foods and those with bloating, gas, GI distress or skin problems. This synergistic formula can aid fat digestion and improve absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Excellent for detoxification support.

Soza Complete ProbioticBoost the power of your immune system and restore your body’s balance with Probiotic Balance*. Probiotics are comprised of “friendly” bacteria similar to those found naturally in the body. The body’s immune system relies on friendly bacteria for healthy digestion, absorption of food and nutrients, as well as protection from microorganisms that can cause disease. Probiotic Balance uses only highly-stable “friendly” bacteria strains from Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, proven bacteria for aiding digestion, ridding of harmful organisms in the body and boosting the immune system. Contains one billion high quality probiotics which are helpful as a daily supplement for general population.

Soza Pure Melatonin:  (natural sleeping aid) Melatonin is a hormone with many functions, but most importantly involved in control of circadian (day/night) biological rhythms.  This hormone also regulates immunity, the stress response and some aspects of the aging process including growth hormone production.  Poor sleeping habits, excessive mental stress, high caffeine consumption and certain medications can reduce production at any age.  Research has shown that melatonin can increase life span and survival in animals, improve sleep, relieve certain types of depression, stimulate the immune system, reduce migraines, reduce stress hormones and reduce blood pressure*.

Soza Pregnenolone Energy, Cognition, and Skin SupportPregnenonlone is a hormone precursor, which normally manufactured in the body from cholesterol inside the mitochondria of many different cell types such as brain, retina, adrenal gland, liver skin, thymus and testes or ovaries.  Supplementation with pregnenolone in animals and humans has shown improvements in memory or cognition and increased mental performance under stressful conditions.  Pregnenolone has also shown to improve skin hydration*.

Soza Protein Shakes (French Vanilla, Strawberry/Creme, Chocolate Fudge) is a source of protein derived exclusively from Whey Protein Isolate and provides one of the highest percentages of protein per serving, minimal carbohydrates and no fat. In addition, the product is Lactose-free, very low in sodium and no cholesterol. . Soza Protein shakes offers an effective means of supplementing the diet with a source of protein that has an excellent Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Biological Value (BV) available. Each 30 gram serving provides 26 grams of Protein, only 1 gram of Carbohydrates, No Lactose, No Fat and No Cholesterol. Soza Protein is naturally sweetened with Stevia and uses flavor systems guaranteed to be free of MSG and other toxins.

Soza Protein Bars: Delicious nutrition bars designed to provide a healthy, high protein snack food for optimizing patients’ intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micronutrients and provide excellent sources of meal replacements. All Soza bars have low glycemic indexes. The glycemic index is an indication of the effect that the product can have on blood sugar. Spikes in blood sugar lead to low blood sugar later, which can cause hunger and other problems for those with unstable blood sugar. Available in multiple delicious flavors.

Soza Myco: (may help with carbohydrate cravings)* Is a blend of botanical extracts with a long history of use as natural antimicrobials to address unhealthy bacteria and candida-yeast while helping address continued desire of carbohydrate consumption The ingredients provide a broad spectrum of activity against the most common pathogens present in the human GI tract, while being relatively sparing of normal flora. Tribulus Extract contains X steroidal saponins which have the ability to influence the entire immune system of the body and have been shown to have antibacterial and anti-viral effects.  Clinical evidence supports Berberine Sulfate’s use in the treatment of bacterial diarrhea. Berberine has also shown antimicrobial activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, helminths (worms), and chlamydia. Sweet Wormwood (Artemesia anuua) has particular historic use of being used to treat parasitic gastrointestinal infections.

Soza Mineral: (mineral supplement) Provides a comprehensive quality source of vitamins and minerals.* This iron free mineral formula contains the finest chelated minerals for optimal absorption and utilization. Soza Mineral is ideal as a daily supplement for prevention of deficiency, or for use in mineral replenishment when there is a known deficiency or following medical treatments that may deplete mineral status such as chelation for heavy metals or heart disease. Minerals often act as coenzymes so metabolic conversions can happen. Several minerals feed into the Krebs Cycle so energy can be made from food. Minerals are also involved in the immune system, hormone metabolism, vitamin metabolism, bone metabolism and reproduction.

Soza Thyroid Support: (may support thyroid function)* Like all of our glands, the thyroid gland needs supportive nutrients from food or supplements to act as raw ingredient precursors for its proper function. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone needs to give the cells the message to synthesize Thyroxine. Thyroxine, known as T4, needs to be converted into active T3. This product provides botanical and nutritional enhancement of thyroid hormone production, peripheral conversion of T4 to T3, as well as receptor function and recognition of thyroid hormones. Patients with low thyroid hormone may suffer from excessive fatigue, depression, dry skin and brittle nails, inability to stand cold weather, memory problems and heavy or irregular menstrual periods.