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LED Body Contouring of Pensacola

banner728x90Our LED body contouring system is a device used for body mass management and reduction. This simple Body Light sessions have the ability to help reduce body mass through simple, painless, and noninvasive procedures.*

The Body Light targets the areas of the body that tend to be difficult to target with regular diet and exercise. With the newest advancements in LED technology, patients could find themselves on the fast track to confidence through a simple procedure.

The Body Light session works by emulsifying, or liquefying the subcutaneous fat found in the body. LED body contouring is not an invasive procedure.

Though the majority of fat can be removed through diet and exercise, there are some areas of the body that need a little help. With LED body mass reduction and body sculpting helping to remove fat from the areas of the body that regular diet and exercise cannot access.

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What is Circumference Reduction?

lipolightlady2Many of us have trouble reaching the body type that we desire, but that does not have to be the case. Whether this is due to genetic predispositions or lifestyle issues, there are just some areas of the body in which we are unable to affect the fat. Our BodyLight™ is here to help.


For men, excess fat is generally found around the stomach, while women often carry this excess weight in the thighs. In many situations, no reasonable amount of exercise or dieting can remove this excess fat in a healthy manner. The BodyLight™ targets these areas in a safe and noninvasive way, with diameter reduction. If patients are not sure that surgery is the answer, BodyLight™ circumference alteration can be implemented for a painless way to help reduce fat.