Welcome to Soza weight loss clinics in Pensacola, Florida. The Soza program is a medically supervised weight loss program for people who want to lose weight fast. They learn how to eat, allowing them to maintain the weight loss. Our program is safe, natural and effective. Come in to our Pensacola Weight Loss Clinic for a FREE CONSULTATION and change your life forever! Change Your Life for Around $8.00 per day!


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Methacoblamin B-12 Shots

  • 4 for $49
  • 8 for $99
  • 16 for $179

MIC Fatburner Shots

  • 4 for $69
  • 8 for $99
  • 16 for $199

*The Results shown are based on active and strict participation in our program. Weight loss results may vary based on individual user. Not all medically supervised services & products are available at all locations. Please check with each individual clinic for more details..